Trick Riding Clinics

Whether you’re looking safe and fun way to explore trick riding or are looking to take your trick riding to the next level we can equip you with the skills you need to get you on your way.

Clinics include discussions on fundamentals, safety, arena management, trick selection and more. For intro to trick riding clinics we can provide the horses and tack. Advanced clinics will require riders to supply their own horses. Clinics are booked on a per request basis.

We strongly recommend you doing your research before hiring an instructor to do your clinic with. Asking questions like: References, years experience, years as an instructor, awards and achievements in trick riding are all very important.

Austin’s intense attention to detail and safety has led him multiple trick riding titles, as well as a career span of 30 years. He has been instructing up and coming trick riders for the past 12 years.