About Our Internship Program

The Texas Trick Riders internship program is designed to create well rounded horsemen. Whether you are an aspiring entertainer, an aspiring horse trainer, or both our program will deepen and expand your skill set. In addition to training in trick riding, Roman riding, and liberty, our interns develop many more skills such as equitation, colt starting, foaling and breeding, halter breaking, barn management, marketing, and entertainment. Keep scrolling for frequently asked questions, profiles on past interns, and to fill out an application! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the internship?

The cost is $1,500 per month. This includes the cost of rent, use of horses and tack, and at least 12 personalized lessons a month. If you are a college student looking to complete a semester long internship for college credit we can offer you a discounted semester rate.

what is a typical day like as an intern?

The day begins around 8am with morning chores, which involves feeding, turn out, and cleaning a handful of stalls. This typically takes about an hour. The rest of the day's activities vary quite a bit from day to day, but interns will have the opportunity to ride every day. If desired (and depending on skill level) interns may be assigned a "project horse". We typically will practice trick riding 2-3 times a week and Roman riding 2-3 times a week. Liberty training takes place on almost a daily basis. Interns will have plenty of hands on learning, but are also encouraged to learn by observing training. The day may include other work around the ranch on an as needed basis, such as fence maintenance, pasture maintenance, or breeding. The day ends at 5pm with evening chores. We work 7 days a week, some days are more relaxed than others.


We have two spare rooms as well as a bunk house, all of which are available to interns. You may choose to cook for yourself or to chip in for meals and eat with us.

Do i need to bring a car?

The choice is yours. Having a car will allow for more independence, but is not a necessity. 

can i bring my horse?

We prefer all interns begin their experiences with our horses. Returning interns may be able to bring a horse on a case by case basis.

is there anything i should do before my arrival?

Trick riding is very physically demanding. If you wish to participate in the trick riding it is important to be physically fit and strong. Additionally, you should make sure you have up to date insurance.


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