A presentation of the REAL wild west!

This ain't your grandpa's wild west show!

The gritty wild and wooly west, meets high velocity jaw dropping modern entertainment. Let's see what Texas was like in 1888... or how about a scene from an Academy Award winning western movie...Lets get the people out of their seats and on their feet cheering for their favorite rider....Learn some history about this great country and have a galloping good time while doing it.

Austin Anderson with over 40 years experience in the entertainment world brings it all to life and brings it bold! A show that will literally have people asking were they can buy tickets for next years show.

Austin brings together a cast of professional entertainers from far and wide. Austin draws from his 40 years experience to find unique talent as only he can do. Maybe you have never heard of some of them but you dam sure wont forget them after seeing the show.

If you want what every one else has seen at all the usual rodeos?

Then this show isn't for you.

Are you looking for Action,Variety and Comedy that will have the audience cheering from start to finish in a well choreographed Presentation that bring to life the wild west? Then this show is for you!

Experience counts doesn't it?

Austin has 40 years in the entertainment industry, not 40 years as a performer. But 40 years in the entertainment industry. Logistics, Performing, Producing, Directing.. It take's more than a dream to bring it all together. Experience in all phases, Creating, Developing, Outlining, Scheduling and Direction. Austin has all expected abilities!


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