liberty Clinics

We believe a good foundation is the cornerstone to all training. Fundamentals are the key to starting any discipline. This is especially true for specialty training.

We offer a “Hands on” approach. What you don’t get from others who prefer the sell you a DVD is direct personal coaching. Every person and horse has individual skills and weaknesses that a hands on coach working with you can work through as you grow.

Our methods are proven over 3 generations of professional trainers with experience in circus, rodeo and TV and Film work.

Austin personally walks you through his 4 step basics to lay the foundation to liberty and ground control. These 4 steps instill discipline, confidence and fundamentals essential for basic liberty and easily transfer to trick training as well .

Once these are in place the fun thing about liberty is it is open the individuals/trainers own inspiration and routine building can begin. The actual routine and trick can be added to fit your horses natural ability. Often as your ability to teach grows so will your horses ability to add new tricks and maneuvers to the routine.

We offer 1 or 2 day clinics. Participants work with their own horses. We book clinics on a per request basis. If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your barn please get in contact with us and we would be happy to provide you with more information.