Austin Anderson and the Texas Trick Riders
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Bring Austin and the Texas Trick Riders to your fair, expo, or event
Integrity, Quality, and Tradition
Action from Start to Finish

"​How the west was fun"
Our show offers a fun, fast paced wild west show experience and most importantly quality western  entertainment 
20-25 minute show , family fun ideal for your state and  county fair even theme parks. 

Show provides:
MC for the show
all  horses/livestock
cast of 6 to 8 performers
all music and wardrobe
props and saddles 
2 to 3 shows daily
sound system ( depending on the arena set up option) 
meet and greet after all shows
Promotional material 
 TV/Radio spots  if desired 

Buyer provides:
110 x 110 space for arena and back stage area, ( for our 70 foot arena option) on level ground, dirt preferred but we can work on grass. 
water and electrical
stables for the horses
hay and shavings 
hotel rooms usually 3 doubles

Show include: Roman riding and Trick roping, American bull whips and Trick riders, and " Amazing" trick horses , some have even been featured on TV and Film as cast and stunt horses.. 

We offer 3 Arena options:
1 our 70 foot round arena ideal for most fairs. ( if you have livestock panels we can use yours if not we can set up ours , some additional cost) 
2  full sized arena show ( if you have an arena typically a rodeo or horse show arena  and want to use it)
3 our economy arena 40 foot  ( some acts don't work in this arena but we are able to offer the "trick Horse show" for this.
contact us for pricing 
References always available
Thank you

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Minnesota State Fair
Toronto, Canada
Dalton Days
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Branson, MO
A life time commitment  and dedication to Entertainment and Trick Riding  is what these Buckles mean to Austin.
Thankful for a long career, good horses and 
hard work ethic .
2007 team champions
2015 men's champion
Odessa Texas Fair and Expo- The Odessa Stampede "Wild West Show"   
Trick Riding and Roping, Liberty, Bridle- less and Trick horses, Roman Riders and Bull Whip creaking, all part of the Action Packed show. Performances Daily and Nightly for 9 days.... 
When Quality Counts 
25 Plus Years Experience 

Family Fun 

No Smoke and Mirrors
Just good Authentic Entertainment